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Student of the Issue: Xavier Ruffin ’16

We caught up with Xavier Ruffin ‘16, a man committed to variety.

Xavier Ruffin / Michael Droogan
Xavier Ruffin / Michael Droogan

You’ve all seen him. Either at the Malvern Train Station on your way into school, or in the ceramics studio, selflessly giving his time to a great cause like Empty Bowls. Some see him in the Learning Commons after school, like he is every day like clockwork, hard at work.  Our Student of the Issue is the class of 2016’s own Xavier Ruffin.

Xavier “Xaive” “X-Man” “X-Ray” “Guys-I-Get-It-My-Name-Has-An-X-In-It” Ruffin is the quintessential Malvern man in almost all facets. We had the chance to delve into his enterprises in academics, the arts, and athletics.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Philadelphia and I currently live in Aldan, Pa, just outside Springfield. I take the train to and from school most days.

What kind of activities are you involved in here at Malvern?

Well, I’m part of the Diversity Awareness Club and I have participated in making some of the bowls for Empty Bowls. I’m not too good at ceramics, but I do think it is pretty fun. I’m also in the National Honor Society and I’ve recently joined the school newspaper. I plan to start writing in the next issue.

What do you like to do outside school?

Nothing special, I usually just like to relax and take it easy for the most part. It would be accurate to say that I am [chillin’ like a villain] in my free time. Spending time with my family and the like.

What is your biggest goal for this year?

I guess my biggest goal is to get distinguished honors. Oh, and also do well on my SAT’s.

Do you have any post-Malvern, or even post-college goals?

Well I know for sure that I want to go to college. Right now, I am in the middle of deciding my first choice, between Lehigh and Georgetown. After that, I’m not too sure about any career paths just yet.

Tell us about your rowing career.

Oh, my rowing career (smiling). I began rowing freshman year and I stopped a few months into this year. It was definitely challenging, to say the least. The daily rigor of the exercises made it very demanding. So much so that I found myself having to quit last October. I have immense respect for anyone who can stick it out for all four years and I think it says a lot about their level of determination.

What qualities of yours do you think got you picked as Student of the Issue?

That’s a good question. I like to think I’m a pretty good student and I try pretty hard in most things I do. I’ve never had any disciplinary issues or anything of that sort. I generally consider myself a positive guy.

What was your opinion on Mary I becoming the ruler of England and restoring the Catholic Church in 1553?

Honestly, I think it was great. She was a great woman and I completely support her and her actions.

Do you think that you’ve been asked enough questions to write a newspaper article?

Yes. Yes, I do.



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