Empty Bowls 2013 embraces strong finish, looks forward

Dan McGlinn

Another Empty Bowls has come and gone. Thankfully, we can start again and look forward to next year and all the changes we will make, but this year was special. Being my first Empty Bowls, I was excited. So much work had been put in and this was the culmination of all those hours and hours into one single event…..or was it?

I think the one thing I have taken from this year’s Empty Bowls is the fact that it isn’t just about one night. Yes it might be a bit cliché to say, but the event really does live on in each of us.

For example, I spent last Saturday selling the leftover bowls at an event at St. Norbert’s School. It was an interesting time trying to sell bowls that hadn’t sold before, but it was rewarding. I will say that by the time the event was over I had a sort of script in my head telling people about what we were doing and how Malvern was raising money for Bethesda. Seeing all the people there staring in awe at all the hand-made bowls was incredible. Although many had heard about or attended the event, they were all still so amazed at how the community had helped to create all these bowls. It hit me that the event hasn’t stopped. Thankfully, people still want that handmade quality that is so hard to come by nowadays.

This year, after all the blood, sweat, and tears, we raised $11,643.

And so it begins, the journey to Empty Bowls 2014. After a few more steps of personally giving the check to the workers at Bethesda and saying the last thank-yous it starts all over, but that’s what Empty Bowls is all about.