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Chinici retiring from classroom after 37 years

Mr. Chinici / E. Rowley

After the school year, Mr. Carlo Chinici will move into a new job at Malvern for two more years before ending one of the longest currently running careers at Malvern
Daniel Malloy ‘18, Ethan Rowley ‘18

Mr. Chinici sits back in his chair and smiles, reminiscing on his experience at Malvern. With his usual laid-back, joking manner, he described how the year is going. “Oh, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, that’s how it usually goes,” says Chinici.

This year is his final year as a history teacher. However, he will still be working at Malvern for two more years in the Development Office after the school year finishes. After that, Mr. Chinici will retire altogether.

On July 1, Chinici will start his new job under the title of Campaign Stewardship Officer, working with alumni to generate funds for the school.

“I am going to be working with Mr. [Vic] D’Ascenzo in the Development Office regarding alumni relations,” said Chinci. I am going to be working with alumni and parents. I am going to use Facebook. I am going to use a lot of the social media to contact alumni.”

“It’s weird because I had no idea this would be my last year teaching until just before Christmas. The first semester was just like any other semester, but the second semester is different because it is my last semester,” said Chinici.

Chinici came to Malvern in 1978 after teaching at a school called Mitchell Prep for 8 years. He left Mitchell after hearing rumors that the school was going, in his words, “kapooie” – which it did.

How did he first come to Malvern? “I was walking down my driveway and my neighbor, Buddy Tosti, now the principal of St. Katherine of Siena School in Wayne, told me he got a job at Malvern. He said there was an opening in the history department at Malvern and that I should apply.”

“So I applied in August,” Chinici continued, “and about week or two later, I was interviewed by Mr. Stewart and Father Duffy. I got the job at Malvern teaching history and became the assistant athletic director, freshman football coach, JV baseball coach, and activities director. All that was my first year at Malvern in 1978.”

Mr. Chinici believes Malvern is different from any other school because of what goes on beyond the classroom.

“I think the education is similar, but the relationship that the teachers have with the kids is a lot different. I have a lot of friends that teach at other schools and they go home at 3:00. They don’t do a lot of the things our teachers do with the kids [like] chaperoning dances, going to games, being athletic director,” said Chinici.

“At the cafeteria, they’ll sit and talk to the kids,” he said. “At a lot of the other schools I’ve visited, they have the teachers there and the students there. They don’t interact. Whereas at Malvern, I’ll talk to kids I don’t have class with.”

He said he will miss many things about Malvern, but one thing Chinici will especially long for is teaching kids. He explains, “I’ll miss working with the kids. I think that keeps you young, working with the kids.”

However, he is looking forward to the benefits of retirement.

“I’m going to have more time to spend with my wife and my 6 grandchildren, taking them to historical places around the East coast. It will be neat not having to be at a certain place at a certain time. If I want to sleep, I sleep. If I want to get up, I get up. If I want to go to a football game, I do.”

Mr. Chinici says he will still go to watch all of the Malvern sports. He is a dedicated fan, going to baseball, lacrosse, basketball, and especially football games. “I have missed 10 football games, home and away, in 37 years at Malvern,” he said.

He will also continue his coin and sports cards collection. He is currently working on Ryan Nassib, former Malvern Quarterback and current New York Giant.
“Malvern has been my life. Over the past 30 years, I have gotten to meet a lot of fine young men and faculty and staff. I got to meet a lot of kids I did not teach in class,” says Mr. Chinici. “I love history, I love people, I love kids, I love sports — so [Malvern is] still going to be a part of my life.”

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  • A

    Amy RieserMar 4, 2015 at 11:37 am

    What a great and long career doing what you love “Mr. C”. Lives you had to have changed…Thank you.

  • C

    C. ChiniciMar 4, 2015 at 11:29 am

    Interested in how the Malvern community feels about my switch.