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Resistance… to DC traffic


An engaging game provided entertainment on the Right to Life bus ride

As the battery on the phones slowly began to die, students needed some way to keep themselves occupied during the ride. Mr. Haynie had the solution to their problem and proposed to play a game that seemed childish at first but quickly turned amusing and even competitive.

The game is called Resistance, a battle between the “spies” trying to infiltrate the government and those a part of the “resistance”. The game is simple yet complicated. The object of the game for the spies was to go on a mission and fail the mission and the object of the resistance was to pass these missions.

The game is typically played with cards but the students utilized scrap paper to play the game. A total of eight players were involved in the game. To begin, a piece of paper was selected from a hat by each of the players to see which team they belonged to, the spies or resistance. On these slips of paper were the teams. In a game there are three spies and five resistance.

After selecting teams, all players would put their slips back in the hat and close their eyes except for the spies. They would keep their eyes open because only they were allowed to see who was on their team. Then all eyes were opened and the game truly began.

One player would initiate the game choosing a another player to go on a “mission” with him. Then all players would vote to see if the mission was a “go”. If there was a majority vote, the mission would go and the two players would vote animously on other slips of paper the success of the mission. If the mission is not a go another player would select another player to go on a mission with. If a spy was in the mission he would obviously fail it and the resistance would pass it. In round one, only one fail fails the round and if both are passes the round is passed. After the mission, the round is over and the next round begins.

There are a total of five rounds, winning three of these five rounds makes a team win the entire game. Starting in the second round another player selects now two players to go on a mission and the same protocol is followed. The third round and thereafter includes a player selecting another three players but now two fails must be in place in order for the spies to win the round.

The game is tricky because the resistance do not technically know who is on their team, only the spies definitely know their fellow spies. This creates a lot of strategy for the spies and the resistance. The resistance can only hope the players they select to go on the mission with are friendly resistance. The spies already know who is who and therefore have an advantage on picking their mission squad. They also have a disadvantage though by being outnumbered.

Game after game was played on the ride home, each one getting more and more intense. The three hour plus car ride home was made all the more enjoyable by Mr. Haynie and an amazing day came to a fun and exciting finish.

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