Living Stations is a highlight of Lent


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M. Pichola
M. Pichola

Malvern’s reenactment of the Stations of the Cross brings Good Friday to life.

It comes every year, and doesn’t change much, but Malvern’s Living Stations of the Cross, led by Mr. Ed Liga and Mr. Larry Legner, makes the last day of Jesus’ life come alive on the Duffy stage.

With actors from Malvern and Villa, along with the Liturgical Music Choir, the Stations of the Cross is changed from a somber service in church to a rocking kick-off to our Easter Break.

“We’ve been doing it for around ten years now,” said Christian Service Director Mr. Legner. “And I’ve been in charge since the beginning.”

Legner leads the actors on stage. They bring the story to life, while Mr. Liga’s Liturgical Music provides a tried-and-true playlist of fitting music, from Pink Floyd to Styx.

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What makes this year different, however, is the way in which the stage is set up. For the Upper School Musical, Mr. Muntz and the Set Construction team built a massive structure turning the stage into a record and jukebox for the show Grease.

The set has now been repurposed to be Calvary Hill, which tradition states is where Jesus was crucified.

“[Making the set] was all of our idea,” said Muntz. “It was going to be used for the Middle School show Shrek, so we figured why not do it for the Stations?”

It took three days for Muntz’s three sculpture classes to turn the Grease set to a mountain, according to Muntz.

The role of Jesus is played by Sam Gilroy ‘15. However, Gilroy did not audition for the role. All of the roles taken by Malvern students are selected by Mr. Legner because of their stature and their experience, or lack of it, on stage.

“The Roman guards have to be big, and Jesus has to be small.” Legner said. “I also try not to get actors, because I want to get people who are new to the stage.”

“It’s pretty cool being Jesus,” Gilroy said, “Hanging on the cross is really awesome. Especially since I’m above everyone.”

For the women’s roles, however, Mr. Legner is not as strict. “I was given information, and when I went [to Malvern] Mr. Legner just asked if I wanted to be Mary,” said Madison McEntee ‘15 of Villa, who plays Mary.

The actors and musicians came together for their only dress rehearsal on March 19, where everyone went through the whole show.

“It was really awesome seeing everything coming together, with all the acting and singing,” said McEntee. “And I’m really excited what people will think about the set.”

“When it all comes together, and the haphazard practices mesh together at the first performance, the looks on the people’s faces are the best part of putting the show on,” Legner said. “It’s a very emotional show to watch. We do something a little different each year, and it keeps it fresh.”

[learn_more caption=”The songs of Stations”]Stations Playlist

“O Fortuna” – Carl Orff

“Renegade” – Styx

“John 19:41” – Andrew Lloyd Webber

“Mary” – Scissor Sisters

“In Your Eyes” – Peter Gabriel

“Streets of Philadelphia” – Bruce Springsteen

“John 19:41” – Andrew Lloyd Webber

“Tears in Heaven” – Eric Clapton

“John 19:41” – Andrew Lloyd Webber

“Goodbye Blue Sky” – Pink Floyd

“Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)” – Andrew Lloyd Webber

“Here Comes the Flood” – Peter Gabriel

“Lamb of God” – from the Gospel Mass

“Philadelphia” – Neil Young

“Believe” – Lamb of God



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Pilate - Trevor Morris - and Jesus - Sam Gilroy - take a selfie while Roman Guard Tim Gillan looks on / Plows
Pilate – Trevor Morris – and Jesus – Sam Gilroy – take a selfie while Roman Guard Tim Gillan looks on / Plows