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Ted Holleran: Vice President of Student Council


Student Council Vice President Ted Holleran is not a person to be underestimated. Standing at a 5’5”, one might not notice him at first, or even mistake him for a middle schooler.

However, Holleran has always been known as a vocal person within the Malvern community. His occasional columns for the Blackfriar Chronicle along with his comedic attitude has allowed him to become one of Malvern’s most recognizable figures.

Now, he is Vice President of Student Council.

One of the main reasons Holleran wanted to run for office was to make the school nicer. “[I want to] do more fun activities that unify the student body. Unitas,” he said.

While Holleran has claimed to face different challenges before, he claims the biggest challenge of running was Alex Freud’s speech. “It was a big challenge, because it beat mine,” he said.

In addition, he also emphasizes the limitations he had in delivering his speech. “I was not allowed to use any pyrotechnics. I did have the music,” Holleran said.

The actual speech was a major part of Holleran’s campaign. “Ideally, it would have been a speech, just with jokes on it.” he said. “Like a fine cake, adorned with frosting and decorated with sprinkles. But I couldn’t write a great speech; e.g. make the cake.”

“So what I did was serve a platter of frosting and sprinkles, offering just as much content in my speech as nutrients in the frosting,” said Holleran.

In running for Student Council, Vice President Holleran wanted to affect some new changes in student life. “I have been noticing a lot of things as of late,” he said.

One change Vice President Holleran would like to enact while in office concerns the popular Spirit Week. During this entire week of themed dress down days, Vice President Holleran would like to get rid of “Cowboy Day”

Another major concern is to keep people off the grass. This has been a passionate issue for Holleran throughout his time at Malvern. This particular issue is particular importance for Holleran. “We don’t walk on the grass at Malvern,” Holleran said.

Holleran also wishes to address the issue of mandatory fun. “Its going to be difficult to think of new things that are new and captivating, but still work. ” Holleran said.

Finally, he wants to “buckle down” on the dress code. “In the past few years, I have seen a steady decline in kids upholding the dress code.”

When asked how he wants to be described in the future, Vice President Holleran had only one word to say: “Ace.” He hopes his academic career is remembered, “for having the largest range in Physics from class grade to AP test score.”

But Holleran is thinking about the future. “I don’t want to focus on how I want to be remembered,” he said, “but how I can make the school a better place.”

When asked for his final thoughts, Vice President Holleran had a few words to say.“Mr. Koenig, it’s all for you,” he said. After a few minutes of thinking, Holleran added, “Lyndon B. Johnson made money off the Vietnam war.”

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