March Council Corner


By Ryan Doane ’15 & Ms. Lohse

The members of Student Council worked hard throughout the month of January. Together they organized events such as the annual video game tournament and a Dress Down day, and started to plan potential dances and other activities.

The video game tournament was the central focus for this month, and despite it not having the best turn out, it was a good learning experience and let Student Council know that kids might want a new tournament for upcoming years.

Student Council does offer monthly student forums which are available for the whole student body to come to and speak up for what they believe should change. This will help prevent poor turnouts, and primarily make activities more fun. The next forum will be held on Monday, February 4 during break in room 205 of Carney Hall.

Whenever you have an idea, you should not hesitate to talk to a Student Council representative and suggest your ideas. In addition, you are always welcome to come into the Student Council Homeroom (located in room 205) if you have any comments, suggestions or concerns.

As a whole, the month of January was slow but still successful and Student Council is looking forward to the upcoming events the future holds.