The few, the proud: Drumline

Joe DiSipio

The “normal” Malvern Prep student begins his day with homeroom around 8:15 with 10 minutes for attendance and catching the announcements. But not all of us can say that is how our day begins. Surely everyone knows about those special homerooms for those inclined to sing, to work on robotics, or to throw a few bowls, but there is one homeroom that remains an anomaly to many.

Drumline is where you won’t get yelled at for being too loud, but you are guaranteed to get reprimanded for looking at your schoolbooks.  The select few are comprised of about 25 students who heard to call to join the ranks of Del’s Drummers.

Enthusiasm is the only requirement and the call is best described by Fran Pannepacker: “Drum line is the best class there is. My rock level went way up and I always find myself rocking out with pens on my desk. Mr. Del Pizzo is so chill and can play any instrument there is. After this year in drum line I’m gonna become the lead rocker in the band I am hoping to create.”

That just about sums up drumline.

So the typical day begins at 8:05 on the dot, but what happens after that? After Mr. Del Pizzo takes attendance, there is a mad scramble to get the best drums and sticks from the closet. Once everyone grabs their drum, Sal Mastrangelo, Billy McCullough, and Dave Wright lead the drummers through their favorite four rudiments. Sometimes the room echoes with beautiful cohesion, at others flat dreadful drums rule the air.

As junior Tom Ferrari puts it, “Drum line is the place where the best get better.” No matter what day it is, the members of drum line strive to get better.  Most days the drumming continues right on through announcements, which can always be seen, but not always heard – apologies to the News Team. Finally at just around 8:20, the drums are “neatly” stacked in the closet, the students sit down to catch their breath, and the school day begins.

Drumline is a brotherhood strong from seniors down through freshmen. Anyone who ever feels the urge to join, we welcome you.