Fall Open Mic Night rocks the Duffy Center

Tom Verdi

What started as an “acoustic only” show, this year’s fall Open Mic Night, on Saturday, October 20, transformed into an event that electrically tore everyone’s socks off.

All performers brought their best to the stage, including an opener by Malvern’s own June Chimera, original music by Notre Dame’s Maddy Eissler, and the greatest version of Flight of the Conchords’ “Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros” known to man, performed by Matt Anthony, myself, Jim Kelly, and Jon Booraem.   Other acts included Alexander Tran and Matt McNally covering the Black Keys’ “Little Black Submarine,” Johnny Monday with a spontaneous song switcheroo, Sabrina Stafford, a Villa Maria graduate, and many more talented students. The night was ended with an amazing performance of “Wagon Wheel” by Steve Satterthwaite, Matt Ramirez, and Alex Tran.

The event, hosted by the Malvern Prep Diversity Club, has become nothing short of a tradition here at Malvern. Each year I look forward to attending the show and embarrassing myself onstage with my sick rhymes and “gangsta” apparel.

If you missed the show, be sure to stop by next spring to catch the next Open Mic Night in Spring 2013.