Mrs. Kathryn Wolstenholme – English


Brendan Mullen

Mrs. Wolstenholme teacher profile
Mrs. Wolstenholme / B. Mullen

One of the newest English teachers at Malvern is Mrs. Kathryn Wolstenholme.

In addition to the fact that Wolstenholme truly loves teaching English, she is also interested in the socially responsible side of the Malvern experience. “I really felt that Malvern was the perfect marriage of getting to teach English at a high level and also get to work in Christian Service. Community is important and unity and those are things I really try to incorporate even when I worked in public schools,” she said.

Wolstenholme is originally from Palm Beach, Florida. “These whole snowy winters are new to me,” she said.

In high school, she was a state champion swimmer. Wolstenholme continued her success at the University of Alabama where she was a team captain and All-American.

Wolstenholme started coaching swimming in the Philadelphia area, met her husband, and decided to stay in the area. She stills coaches at the Upper Main Line YMCA.

Wolstenholme has already noticed Malvern’s academic intensity. “I feel like the level is elevated here. People are really taking it seriously in class and working during the class periods,” she said.

Wolstenholme also enjoys the positive and supportive working environment. “It seems like everybody loves working here and being here, and that’s something that’s refreshing and a little bit different,” she said. “People really love coming to work here and that’s wonderful.”