Ms. Molly Waldron – Latin


Colin Price

Molly Waldron
Ms. Waldron / C. Price

It’s 7:40 A.M. on a rainy Thursday morning and Ms. Waldron is in her classroom watching Latin videos.
Ms. Waldron is looking forward to teaching Latin literature, including readings from Julius Caesar and other classic poetry. She loves Latin and is excited to teach all levels of Latin here.

Waldron explained that she decided to teach at Malvern because of “the sense of brotherhood amongst the students, wonderful faculty, and it’s a community I want to be a part of.”

Waldron grew up in Wayne and went to high school at Episcopal Academy. For college, she attended Davidson College in North Carolina. Continuing her education, she came back home to Villanova to get her master’s degree.

Waldron is the only Latin teacher at Malvern and will be teaching everything from Latin I to AP Latin.

Running tops Waldron’s list of things she enjoys outside of school. She has run multiple marathons including the Boston Marathon.

What are Waldron’s favorite snacks while watching Latin videos? “I’m a big fan of cheese and crackers, but the occasional ice cream sundae is pretty nice too,” Waldron said.