Mr. Ian Harkness – Counseling


Mike Droogan

Mr. Harkness / M. Droogan

“I just got tired of all the traveling and want to spend more time helping students and their families through the college process,” Harkness said.

Ian Harkness grew up on a farm in Northern Pennsylvania “in the middle of nowhere.” He credits his mom for pushing him to work hard in school and in the college process.

Harkness went to Gettysburg College where he had his first exposure to Malvern. “My best friend there went to Malvern so that made me know how great Malvern is,” Harkness said.

After graduating, he went back to Gettysburg to work with admissions. “I recruited from boarding schools in Connecticut and upstate New York, and all the travel became very tiresome, so when I heard about the opening at Malvern I knew it was perfect.”

“My strength is helping people find their strengths,” he said. “I came here because I want to help students as best I can.”

His one piece of advice for students preparing for the college process would be to “start early.”

His rural roots have made him very interested in nature and he hopes to lead the Outdoors Club.

In his spare time he is a drummer in a nine piece jazz band. Additionally he is an avid fan of the Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Orioles. “I grew up in THE Bills era with Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, and of course Steve Levy, the greatest head coach of all time.”

Harkness is excited to go to the Bills-Eagles game this December in Philadelphia, but “probably won’t wear a Bills jersey to ensure [his] safety.”