Mr. Jason Sammartino ’04 – English


Nick Li

Mr. Jason Sammartino / N. Li

“It was a goal to eventually teach here, it wasn’t something I envisioned happening as early as it has,” Mr. Jason Sammartino said. Sammartino was a lifer at Malvern and graduated in 2004.

Since Sammartino’s time, “this school has gone through incredible changes.”

“I’ve really enjoyed the rise of the arts here. It has become its own institution,” Sammartino said. “There used to be this fear that I couldn’t be on the football team and do the play. I think [the change] is incredible.”

After his Malvern career, Sammartino studied at Temple University where he majored in Business and English. After college, he worked in multiple fields, but eventually decided to pursue his Master’s Degree in education at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

While at St. Joe’s, Sammartino spent a lot of time visiting and observing teachers at Malvern. He learned the different teaching styles and modeled his own style after those of the other teachers. With the departures of Ms. Day and Mr. Pison, Sammartino was able to apply for the position and secure it.

Outside of teaching, Sammartino is an artist. He loves playing the guitar and plays with a couple wedding bands and with bands on his own.

Sammartino is also extremely passionate about cooking and food. As a resident of South Philly, he believes that he has access to some of the best foods in the world.

Mr. Sammartino is very excited about his first teaching position at Malvern. He has had a lot of fun with the students thus far, and is ready for a great year.