Mr. Luzi sails away

Tom Verdi


All great things must come to end. For those who are unfamiliar with the inner secrets workings of Malvern Prep, Mr. Luzi has been a driving force in the Friar community as Malvern’s magnificent Director of Communications. His presence has marked each and every significant event on campus, always donning his trademark sunglasses and DSLR camera. Mr. Luzi has been invaluable to the Friar’s Lantern, launching the initial concept and getting it off its premature feet- all starting from square one.

We are sad to say that Mr. Luzi will be leaving Malvern this week for the big city, but we do wish him good luck in his ventures. Based on the featured picture, it is obvious that the daring Mr. Luzi will “sail” off to new opportunities (you can thank Ms. Plows for the cheese…don’t get it? -it’s a parasail).

Farewell, Mr. Luzi, and thank you for all that you have done. You will be missed.



The Friar’s Lantern