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New activities schedule implemented


Learning more about this year’s new Activities Schedule from Dr. Fry and a few seniors.

Meeting times for activities will look different than they did last year. Extracurricular participants should expect to see changes in the next few weeks.

This year, a new activities schedule has been implemented where different activities meet one day per cycle on a specific day during community time throughout the 8-day cycle. Last year’s schedule was not as organized as this year’s and certainly contained a few flaws.

“Last year there was not any set schedule for activities to meet,” Director of Student Life Dr. James Fry said. “It was more like activities met when it worked for them. These meeting times were a mixture of mornings, community times, and after school.”

Starting Monday, October 26, activities will start to meet on specific days during the cycle.

All of the activities moderators thought that this would be the best way to have a more organized schedule, Fry said. He said that moderators of each activity should start telling involved students what their meeting times will be throughout the cycle.

According to Fry, this new schedule is better because it reduces the overlap of activity meeting times. This frustrated some moderators last year. He also believes this schedule is better because it should help both students and moderators have a set schedule that will become routine.

Senior Kevin Smyth, a member of student council and peer educators, thought that last year’s schedule was confusing. ”For Peer Educators we met after school and during community time, and for Student Council we had student council homeroom,” Smyth said.

Billy Murphy, a senior MECO leader and a member of liturgical music, thinks that this year’s activities schedule will be better because he will have more time during community time for work and to get a quick snack at break.

Moderators and Dr. Fry hope that specific meeting times for activities throughout the 8-day cycle will improve organization and allow students to balance their time for academics and activities.

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