Campus Hero of the Issue: Mrs. MaryFran Frankenheimer


Christian D'Ascenzo

She manages the schedules for some of the busiest programs on campus – and makes it look easy.

Campus Hero Mrs. MaryFran Frankenheimer is the rock that keeps the sports teams anchored.

Every Summer is spent preparing for Fall sports. Inter-Ac titles in eye, Soccer, Football, Cross-Country, and Golf. While students spend their summers relaxing and preparing for the season, Frankenheimer is the person who works tirelessly to get the season in order. Frankenheimer makes sure that there is not a single hiccup in the school’s athletic schedules.

Frankenheimer works in the Athletic Director’s office in O’Neill, and manages many of the day-to-day aspects of the athletic program in cooperation with Mr. Ruch. She coordinates the schedules for officials, busses, games, scrimmages, staffing, and just about everything else.

“A typical day is usually making sure that day’s events are covered in terms of transportation and officials,” Frankenheimer said. She normally communicates this information to the schools each Monday.

“Each day looks different depending on the schedule has on it. When there is less games I can work on more office-oriented work to keep everything moving forward,” she said.

Frankenheimer grew up in Malvern, and attended Villa Maria Academy. She played field hockey at Randolph-Macon College in Virginia. “One of my proud moments was being inducted into my college’s Hall of Fame,” she said.

She previously worked at Villa and at a charter school. She teaches fitness classes at ACAC and the local YMCAs in her spare time, and says that three kids and a husband keep her very busy.

“My husband went to Malvern, as well as my brother, which is cool,” she said.

Her favorite ice cream flavor is Mocha Chip.