Homecoming strikes big at Malvern


Garrett Hallinan

Homecoming was well enjoyed, but what made it so special?

Homecoming was considered to be a hit by most of the 381 Malvern students in attendance.

There was a photo booth, food, and student DJs.

“Compared to last year, we had a lot more student input and time [to prepare],” said Mrs. Pam Whitney, who has been the Head of the Homecoming committee for the past two years.

Whitney is also the head of the Prom committee and asked the students on the Prom Committee what they wanted for the dance. The result – sophomore Desmond Papariello, senior Andrew Panzo, and senior Christian D’Ascenzo answering the call to DJ the dance.

“I don’t know [if student DJs will return in the future], it’s usually up to the kids if that’s what everybody wants,” Whitney said. “We might mix it up and have something new for next year. Only time will tell. We have a whole year to plan,” she said.

“Homecoming was great. It was very different from my other school,” freshman Jordan Berry said. “I did not eat any of the food because I wasn’t hungry. I had the drinks and they were good. The music was great.”

Both Berry and junior Jack Ludin agreed that Homecoming was great and should not be changed.

“Homecoming was a lot of fun. My friends and I had a good time,” Ludin said. “The DJs did a nice job, and the music was fun to jump around to.”

Senior Tim Irvine said this dance was his favorite from any of his previous dances and helped the class come together.

“They played a ton of old songs that we did freshman year. Since we’re the senior class and it was our last one, we had to enjoy every second of it, so it was, by far, definitely my favorite dance,” Irvine said. “I am definitely going to miss homecoming because there aren’t too many things like it where there’s such a strong brotherhood.”

Desmond Papariello said that he wants to continue DJing in the future and potentially do it professionally.

“There was a lot of stress building up to it, and there was a lot of work we had to put in to get to the final product, but it was all worth it at the end. I think the end product was an amazing, beautiful thing that we all worked hard for,” Papariello said. “And it was one of the best DJing nights of my life.”