State of StudCo


Tommy Pero

StudCoSee what Student Council is working on in the next coming weeks and beyond.

Take a look inside Student Council workings for the coming new year.

First, Student Council organized an opportunity for students to not shave, according to Student Council President Alex Freud. For all of “Januhairy” (January), students will be able to pay a fee somewhere between $5 and $15 to not shave for the entire month.

“You can just grow out your beard as much as you want, and you can actually start over Christmas Break,” Freud said. “That money is going to go to charity.”

Freud said that Student Council is also bringing back Winterfest, set for January 29. He said that this year’s Winterfest will come with a dress code theme similar to last year’s ugly Christmas sweater theme.

While Winterfest is coming back, Freud says Quidditch most likely will not.

As always, Student Council will also be holding a dodgeball tournament on the Friday before Christmas break.

Student Council is still planning an event with Villa Maria Academy that will include a dance and talent show. There will be a dance competition with a prize, but the cause is still being decided, according to Freud.

“They make a lot of money,” Freud said. “If Malvern joins in, it’ll hopefully double.”