Athlete of the Issue: Will Powers


Pat Ferraiolo

Senior basketball captain Will Powers sits down to talk about his Malvern experience, and his love for basketball.

Will Powers is just 34 points away from reaching a milestone 1,000 points for his Malvern career. His excellent work ethic, tremendous coaching, and sheer skill all played a role in getting him to this point.


Powers, a Swathmore native, joined the basketball team when he came to Malvern his freshman year from St. Francis in Springfield.

“I’ve been around basketball my whole life,” Powers said. “I’ve always had a good feel for the game.”

Powers is excited about being able to get 1000 points, yet he realizes it is less about personal achievements, and more about the good of the team.

“It truly is an honor,” Powers said. “I never really thought about it until early on in this season. People just kept telling me I was getting close, so that’s how I found out about it.”

Powers had help throughout his career from both his parents and his coaches.

“I feel that everyone that helped me along the way is ‘responsible’ for this record,” Powers said. “My parents sending me to different camps and paying for different things, my coaches teaching me different ways to score, teammates helping giving me open looks to the basket.”

Coach Harmatuk’s ‘Run N’ Gun’ style of basketball differs from Powers’s freshman year Malvern coach, Mr. Jim Rullo. Under Harmatuk, Powers has been able to excel and allow him to get more chances to score.

“The speed of the game is definitely faster. With Coach Rullo, we ran a lot more plays, but this system allows us to get more shots up,” Powers said. “I am a pretty good shooter, so with this style of play, I am able to shoot more and more shots lead to more points.”

Before each game, Powers does not have any certain rituals or superstitions, but enjoys listening to the overhead music and shooting three pointers from the corner to warm up.

Powers had some advice to young players hoping to join the team.

“Just keep working on your skills and add as much value as you can to let Coach Harmatuk know that you are a valuable part to his program,” he said.

This year, the Friars are 3-2 in the Inter-Ac, and 11-8 overall. “We have a game on February 2 against E.A. We would love to have the student body come and support us,” Powers said.