MP Alum Gosselin at MLB Spring Training


Eric McLaughlin

Malvern Prep alum and current infielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks credits Malvern to some of his professional success.

Phil Gosselin with Atlanta Braves in 2014 / Wikimedia Commons
Phil Gosselin with Atlanta Braves in 2014 / Wikimedia Commons

Phil Gosselin ’07 is living out the life every player who has stepped on a baseball diamond dreams of. He plays the sport he loves on TV, in front of thousands of people, and gets paid to do it.

“I’ve been very fortunate to play at the Major League level,” Gosselin said. “It’s an honor to play against the best players in the world. I get to live out my childhood dream every time I put my uniform on.”

Current senior and second baseman Cam Williams said that it is amazing to see Malvern players in the MLB. “It shows that Malvern has prepared its players to succeed at the next level. It also shows the tremendous work ethic these Malvern men have on top of their natural talent,” Williams said.

“Malvern’s baseball team is one of the best in the state and the country year in and year out. They work very hard to do this,” Gosselin said. “They practice often, work very hard when they do practice, and they play some of the other best teams in the country.”

Gosselin acknowledged the fact that Malvern plays against some of the best teams in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland area. He said this prepared him for the next level.

Gosselin said that Coach Fred Hilliard has done a really good job challenging the players and making everyone better.

After Malvern, Gosselin went to the University of Virginia and was then drafted in the fifth round of the 2010 MLB Draft by the Atlanta Braves. He made his Major League debut in 2013 and was later able to play against the Phillies at Citizen’s Bank Park in front of his family and friends.
“I grew up a Phillies fan, so I had a lot of nerves playing at Citizen’s Bank Park.” Gosselin said. “I got to play against some of my favorite players that I grew up watching like Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins. It’s a memory that I will cherish forever.”

Williams said that he strives to be like Gosselin. “Although his play style might not be exactly like mine I can pick little things he does from his game and try to incorporate them into mine to make me a better player,” Williams said. “He is one of the best 30 second basemen in the world so naturally I would like to be as much like him as I can.”

Gosselin made the Braves’ opening day roster in 2015 and played well through 20 games before he fractured his thumb requiring surgery. He was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks later in the season and is currently at Spring Training for the Diamondbacks in Arizona.

Another Malvern alum making a name for himself in the MLB is Tim Cooney, pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. Both Cooney and Gosselin have put in countless hours in the batting cage, on the mound, and in the weight room in order to be as successful as they are today.

Playing at Malvern didn’t automatically place them in the MLB, but it was a huge step in their long and well-earned journey to get to where they are.