What You Missed – Mar. 14-21, 2016


News Staff

We’ll be quick so you can get back to March Madness, ok?

[toggle title=”Clinton sweeps, Rubio drops out in latest round of primaries” state=”close”]

In her best showing yet in the primary season, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton won in all five state primaries on March 15, beating Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in Ohio, Florida, Missouri, Illinois, and North Carolina.

On the Republican side, Marco Rubio dropped out of the race after losing in his home state of Florida by almost 20 percentage points to frontrunner Donald Trump. Trump also won in Illinois, Missouri, and North Carolina, but lost in Ohio to its governor John Kasich.

The next states to vote on March 22 are Utah and Arizona for both Democrats and Republicans, and American Samoa for Republicans, and Idaho for Democrats.


[toggle title=”Brazil rocked by corruption charges against president” state=”close”]

The largest country in South America has been through a tense week, as President Dilma Rousseff is fighting to save her political career in light of a money laundering scandal that has led to unrest across the country.

The two year investigation, called Operation Car Wash, looked into the state oil company Petrobras for alleged kickbacks and bribes with the political elite in Brazil.

The weekend saw the largest protests in the history of Brazil, and a poll released stated that almost 70 percent of Brazilians want Rousseff impeached.


[toggle title=”Ex-state trooper kills two on Pennsylvania Turnpike, shot dead” state=”close”]

Two people were killed on the Pennsylvania Turnpike 60 miles from Harrisburg on Sunday when an ex-Pennsylvania State Trooper attempted to rob a toll house before being gunned down by a State Trooper.

Authorities said in a press conference on Sunday that Clarence D. Riggs was attempting to rob a van coming to collect toll money.

Riggs had retired four years ago. State police are currently conducting an investigation.


[toggle title=”Philadelphia officials: water is safe to drink” state=”close”]

The City Council held a public hearing on Monday to see if the Water Department is doing all it could to make sure that the drinking water for the city of Philadelphia is safe to drink in light of the Flint, MI water crisis.

An estimated 50,000 homes in Philadelphia have water pipes that are built with lead, which can cause lead contamination if the pipes corrode.

The Water Department has said that the levels for lead are safe, and crews will test for elevated levels for free.