Malvern’s website changing

Cole Cherian

Expect changes to come to to improve its flow for the 2016-2017 school year.

Associate Director of Communications and PR Mr. Jim Mack and Social Media and PR Specialist Mrs. Sarah Ravenfeld are leading a project to revamp Malvern’s website.

For Malvern students, is a vital component to everyday life. Starting after the summer break, Malvern’s website will be changed to improve the experience for the users.

Mack said the new website would be different from the current one in “the level of connection that is available between people at [Malvern].”

Ravenfeld said that one big change will be that the website will be mobile responsive, meaning the website will optimized for different devices’ screens. She also described the new site’s connectivity, calling it a “hub for education and communication at Malvern.”

Mack said that one important change will be an unparalleled connectivity with OnCampus, Schoology’s replacement.

He said that the website change was not because of the change to OnCampus, but “[Malvern] had an opportunity to do something that [it] has always wanted to do, which is have everything linked and connected.”

According to Mack, the website will not change very much aesthetically, but students, teachers, and parents will be able to have everything in a single place.

“I see no end to what we’re trying to call ‘upgrades’,” Mack said. Mack believes that as long as technology advances, the Malvern Prep website will change with it.

Ravenfeld is excited for what she called an “evolution.”

“This upgrade will provide the user with a more seamless web experience. It’s exciting! I’m really pumped for the Malvern community to see the final product,” she said. “Like Mr. Mack said, it won’t look too different in terms of color or design, but the user’s experience will be much more cohesive, which has always been our goal.”

This isn’t the first time has been updated in recent years and it certainly isn’t the final version.

“I see [the website] evolving,” Mack said, “We may have to change [the website] every three years.”

According to Mack and Ravenfeld, the new website will be up and running by the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year.