Students and teachers react to first reverse C schedule

Creative Commons, Flikr, John Christian Fjellestad

Billy Bevevino

“I got ten hours of sleep last night,” said Jack Marchesani ‘15.  Like many other students, Jack was able to get a couple extra hours of sleep on September 25, due to the first reverse C schedule.

While many of the students were sleeping until homerooom at 9:15, the faculty reported to the Learning Commons at 8:00 AM. In an email to the faculty, Mr. Kevin Whitney explained that the purpose of the reverse C schedule is to provide the faculty with time during contract hours to explore professional development topics.

“I think it’s very valuable from a professional development standpoint,” said Mr. Tim Dougherty. “It gives the teachers more of an opportunity to meet as a group.”

While Mr. Dougherty was a supporter of the reverse C, other teachers were ambivalent.

“I don’t mind it either way,” said Dr. Fry.  “But it does make the day feel longer.”

There was a varied response toward the reverse schedule from the student body. One of the supporters of the reverse C schedule was freshman Dom Distefano. “I really liked it. I got to sleep in today,” he said.

Others did not feel the same. “ I don’t like it at all,” said senior Ben Aman.  “I would have much rather gotten out at 1:45.” Freshman Andrew Apharamanian agreed.  “The reverse C left me with less time to be productive in the afternoon.”

One reverse C schedule is on the calendar each month for the rest of the year. Whether it means more sleep or more professional development, Malvern is going to get used to the change.