School Community gets ‘Friared Up’ for Spirit Week

Tom Ferrari

Ah yes, spirit week! A time where the leaves have begun to change, alumni return back home, and students can be found frantically searching for a date to the homecoming dance!  In between all this, student council arranges a fun week to build the excitement, and this year was no exception.

Many students, myself included, enjoy the dress down days, which this year included favorites such as American Day, Beach Day, and College Day. Despite the temperature being in the low 50s, many students braved the weather on Beach Day and wore beach shorts and bathing suits.

Senior Chris Frey liked the choice of dress down themes.  “They were pretty easy to follow. I didn’t need to buy new clothes. I do wish that there was a bigger announcement for each day. I missed the first day, and was made lookin’ like a fool!”

Of course, there is much more to the week than just the clothes. Daily events such as a FIFA tournament, fastest man competition (won by senior Casey Breuer), and the Grizzly Adams Competition (won by senior Max McClatchy). Jon Dolfus was the lucky winner of this year’s scavenger hunt and was awarded a ticket to the Homecoming Dance. Each winner of these events received a gift card to either Chipotle or Wawa.

The week culminated in the Blue Gray games, which were an enormous success despite the rain and chilly conditions. Malvern favorites such as Mr. Talbot, Mr. Valyo, Mr. Roper, and Mr. Eric “Maddawg” Mundy were all dunked in the dunk tanks.   All the while, Zach O’Neill ‘14 was laying down some beats with music in the gymnasium.

The tug of war was won by the senior class, who received a dress down for the last day of the first quarter.

It turned out to be a successful week, and student council President John Monday agrees. “I was pleased with the results! It was a really great week! The entire Student Council put a lot of work in, and everyone had a really great time!”