Physics Olympics Team Competes in First Meet

Chris Bunn

eggOn October 26th, the Physics Olympics team performed well in their first ever meet at West Chester Henderson High School. The Physics Olympics team competed against ten other local high schools, including Downingtown STEM Academy and Penncrest High School.

Physics Olympics has been a long standing tradition for many other area high schools. Organized by the American Association of Physics Teachers, the competition includes high schools in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area. Throughout the year, Physics Olympics participants work to build contraptions that meet the criteria of a specific challenge. This can range from things such as a mousetrap car to a toothpick cage to protect an egg.

At the meet, the effectiveness of their contraptions are tested against other competitors. Also during the meet, the participant’s knowledge of various topics in physics is also tested. At October’s meet, for example, kinematics and projectile motion were some of the topics that were tested.

One of the most notable achievements that the Physics Olympics teams obtained was a second place medal in the egg drop event. Before the meet, team members were challenged to construct a cage to protect an egg from a fall. At the competition, in order to win, the egg must not only remain uncracked, but it also must be the lightest design out of all available entries. The team managed to not only keep the egg from being uncracked, but they also managed to create the second lightest design out of all of the submitted cages.

Motivated by their strong performance in their first meet, the team is also looking ahead. Their next meet takes place at Interboro High School on December 14. The team faces a new set of challenges, due to the fact that the events change every meet. For the last meet of the season, the team is looking forward to hosting the event.

The team is still looking for new participants. There is no need for any type of physics experience, and the team meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9th period in the physics room. All are welcome to attend.