Mrs. Carly Lynch

Kyle Leonard

Malvern’s new part-time school nurse is excited to begin her tenure and build on existing connections she has to Malvern.

Mrs. Carly Lynch, new part-time school nurse, grew up in Springfield with her family, which includes her older brother and a younger sister. Lynch is married to Malvern alumnus Michael Lynch, ’07. They now live in the Lancaster area and welcomed their first child, Daniel, to their family almost a year ago.

Lynch went to Merion Mercy Academy for high school. She then earned her undergraduate college degree from the University of Delaware, where she majored in exercise science and finished in three years.

“I loved it so much, so I went, went, went through all of the winters and summers and finished up in three years. Then I got married the year after I graduated,” Lynch said.

Lynch then went back to school and received her post-graduate degree in nursing from Villanova University.

Before this year, Lynch worked as a nurse at Lancaster General Hospital.

“I worked on the cardiac floor there. This year is a bit of a change, but a welcome change,” Lynch said.

Lynch knew that she wanted to end up in school nursing, so as she and her husband started looking for jobs. It was Michael, who is still “obsessed” with Malvern, who ended up coming across the job opening at Malvern.

“We almost laughed at it at first, like ‘Oh, wouldn’t that be funny’ or ‘Wouldn’t that be great’,” Lynch said. “Then we actually drew up my application, because I felt like I’d kick myself if I didn’t. It’s still surreal that I’m actually here. It’s so cool.”

Malvern was Lynch’s primary and favorite destination, and she was so happy to be able to secure the job so quickly.

Since Lynch’s job is part-time, it is still a work in progress on the exact days and hours she will be working.

“Mrs. [Catherine] McGettigan and I are still working through the schedule. I think that as of right now we’re just looking at the schedule for the next six or eight weeks and figure out what days work for us, but not necessarily Monday-Wednesday-Friday, or Tuesday-Thursday,” Lynch said. “All I know is that Mrs. McGettigan and I will be here in some capacity.”

Not only does she want to be an active part in treating kids who come to the nurse’s office, but Lynch also wants to make a difference in the Malvern community.

“I think I’m most excited dive headfirst into the community and really be a presence on campus; that’s kind of my mission,” Lynch said. “I want to be out there and spread my mission in health to the student body and the faculty.”

Since Mrs. McGettigan has served as Malvern’s school nurse for over 20 years and has moved to the part-time role which Lynch is helping to fill, she has a lot of things to tell Lynch about the Malvern experience.

“She warns me that it’s definitely a lot of work, but also how rewarding it is to get to know the students and be the person that represents nursing here on campus, which is kind of cool,” Lynch said.