State of the Studco

Mike Harrington

Bubble Soccer and Penny Wars were key to the Student Council’s agenda for January.


Since the first day Malvern returned from break, the Student Council was back and running. Planning events like Bubble Soccer and the Penny Wars, they sought to get students actively involved.

“Mr. Sillup came to us a couple weeks before J-Term started and let us know that there was going to be one day per week in J-Term for a Student Council event,” McKnight said.

Although, they didn’t end up doing an event the second week.

“It was kind of last minute to come up with something,” he said. “So we decided to do Bubble Soccer because we did that during Spirit Week, and it seemed to be a pretty big hit, pretty popular.”

Near the end of the month, Student Council unveiled the Penny Wars at a morning chapel service. This high school activity consists of four jars located in the cafeteria which students can put different types of money in to increase their points or decrease another grades. The end prize is a dress down day and a food surprise for the winning grade according to McKnight.

“[Penny Wars] is an event for Bringing Hope Home. It’s an organization that helps families pay bills who have cancer… The Penny Wars should be a pretty big hit, or we hope it to be,” McKnight said.

The rules system for Penny Wars is based around two main things. The negative and positive values of money and the fact that you can put Monty in other people’s jugs.

“Every other coin/dollar bill is negative. Nickel is minus 5 points, dime minus 10, quarter minus 25, $1 minus 100, $5 minus 500 and so on,” he said. “So basically you’re gonna wanna fill your class’ jug with pennies but other class’ jugs with anything else.”

McKnight wants to end his year by fulfilling a goal of his: to keep the students happy. He hopes that he can help students enjoy their Malvern experience as Student Council president.

“As long as everyone’s enjoying their experience and getting involved in anything they want to do, then that would be a good thing for the whole school,” he said.

As the second semester begins, half of McKnight’s tenure is over. Once he graduates, he hopes that Malvern’s Student Council keeps up its charity work and still works with Bringing Hope Home.

“I hope what we are doing with Bringing Hope Home… would start a tradition. It’s not just handball and dodgeball and those generic events. [We’re] doing something out of the ordinary and bringing in a charity and working with them,” McKnight said.

Looking forward at next month, the Student Council is anticipating the much loved return of Malvern’s Family Feud on February 15. Students and teachers received surveys in their email during the week of January 29.