State of the Studco

Alex Haylock

Student Council plans on racing ahead with more activities and plans for next year’s Executive Board.

Activities, improvements, and preparations for next year resulted in a busy early spring for Student Council.

A major focus of activities over the last few months has been preparations for elections for next year’s Executive Board, all offices held by members of next year’s senior class.

On Tuesday, March 13, Malvern’s student body elected junior Billy Carlini as next year’s Student Council President and junior Jack Boyle as Vice President.

The campaign process for Student Council candidates was different from previous years. Candidates ran as a team, one student would run for President and one student would run for Vice President. In previous years, whomever won the most votes would become President and the runner up would be the Vice President.

The four ballots who ran for President and Vice President were:

Ballot 1: President Ashton Canavan, Vice President Evan Lotz

Ballot 2: President Billy Carlini, Vice President Jack Boyle

Ballot 3: President Stowe Milhous, Vice President Matt Civitella

Ballot 4: President Mike Hussey, Vice President Tim Mitchell

Both the positions of Activities Chairman and Secretary ran unopposed. Next year’s Activities Chairman will be Sean Rushton and the Secretary will be Connor Leyden.

At the annual campaign speech assembly on Friday, March 9, Student Council co-moderator Mrs. Laurie Peslak opened the event with a prayer, McKnight introduced each of the candidates, and co-moderator Dr. Joan Dlugos closed with logistics about the election. The candidates’ speeches are posted online at

Voting was held in Duffy Theater during a TMR (Tuesday Morning Rally) on Tuesday, March 13. Students received an email with their ballot, so freshmen, sophomores, and juniors not in attendance could still vote through 1 p.m. on Tuesday.

Rewinding back to the start of the new semester, Student Council led a charity event in January with an organization closely tied to Malvern. “We finished up our first Bringing Hope Home Penny Wars,” McKnight said. They plan on keeping up on this event for years to come.

Student Council also completed its second annual Family Feud event. Video of Family Feud is posted at Student Council hopes to continue with Family Feud in the future and to improve upon it.

With three major events in the second semester under his belt, McKnight plans on moving forward to their next student events and activities.

“Later in the year will be our third and final activity schedule event, which we still haven’t decided on,” McKnight said. “Last year there was [bubble] soccer, and we’re debating whether to go back to that or not.”

McKnight is trying to keep the events in the best interest of the students.

“We’re getting feedback on whether kids liked it or not, so we can maybe go somewhere different,” he said. “Whether we send out a survey, asking what kids will prefer, or just choose it ourselves, we’ll figure it out.”

As Student Council events continue into second semester, McKnight’s reign as Student Council President will soon come to a close. He reflects on his experience in his position as a good one.

“Overall it’s been a positive experience, and I definitely don’t regret running for the job,” McKnight said. “I would have never gotten to be a part of something like Bringing Hope Home if I wasn’t President, or even a part of Student Council in general.”