Track gears up to take more hardware

James Canuso

Runners, jumpers, and throwers finally get their time in the sun.

There is a lot of hope for a good track season this year. Most of the talent may be stored in the junior class. Not to say the junior class has all the best runners, but there are so many on the team on the team and they are all great athletes.

“We have a lot of talent on the team, especially in the junior class, we have a lot of juniors,” said distance runner Ryan Doane. Our junior class is led by Elijah King and Billy McDevitt. The seniors, who are hopefully making the best of their last track season at Malvern, are led by Troy Gallen and Dan Ferraiolo. Everyone has been doing well and practicing hard, despite the weather.

“We’ve been practicing really well so far,” said senior Andrew Wilson. “We’ve gotten out onto the track finally after the hard winter of snow. So far it’s just beginning, and it’s gonna get a little harder as time goes on.”

“So far it’s been nice with the warm weather. A little rainy, but otherwise it’s been good and it’s probably gonna continue that way,” said Wilson.  As Andrew mentioned, it took a couple of weeks for the snow to finally get cleared off the track, but the team is now able to go on for workouts, and the weather has also been getting steadily better.

Two members of the winter track team competed at the New Balance Indoor National Championships: Jackson Hoey, a sophomore, and Billy McDevitt, a junior. Billy ran the 2-mile, and finished 25th in the emerging elite division, which is the second best division. Jackson placed 13th in the mile, racing in the championship group, which is the top group. Congratulations to both athletes!

The track team is hoping for an Inter-Ac and State title this year, and definitely has the talent to win.