Teacher of the Issue: Mrs. Giordano

Now that Mr. Moore has left the Malvern community, Giordano is the new Curriculum Coordinator for math.

Patrick Smith, Contributor

Mrs. Giordano is the new Curriculum Coordinator for math and she will be working with all the math teachers to make math a better learning environment for students.  

“I will be working closely with teachers in the math department. We work a lot with the placement of students and just helping students make sure they’re in the right classes. That we have classes that they need to be successful in college,” Giordano said.

Giordano is making sure the students succeed in math and that they are being placed in the best math class for them. 

“I have a fantastic team. So, as a team, we will be working together, but moving forward and] looking ahead. If the school goes towards advanced credentialing, how can we do that in the math department?” Giordano said.  

Giordano and her team are moving into the future as a math department and creating a brighter future for students. 

“There will be different courses for students so that there are things beyond calculus and statistics, and there are alternatives that they can take. Also, we will be working with other teachers to see if we can do more interdisciplinary courses,” said Giordano. 

This is part of the moving forward process that Giordano is talking about. Her team wants to push their students to the next level every chance they get.

“I was coaching cross country and track last year, which I really enjoyed, but I had to step down because my mom was sick so I had to take time after school to help her,” said Giordano.

Giordano also leads new extracurricular activities like Mathletes. 

“I am also working with Mathletes this year; this year it’s me and Mr. Pannulla,” Giordano said.

Mathletes is a great way to enhance your math skills through competition. 

Giordano is still teaching regular classes in addition to her new  role as a curriculum coordinator, and finds teaching during COVID is a big challenge.

“I like being able to do team competitions on the board. I think that’s been the biggest challenge for me personally because I love seeing how you guys interact at the board together as teams, and you can’t really do that right now. Being socially distant, it’s very hard in math, because we can’t just talk, you really need to be there writing. So I think that has been the biggest challenge,” Giordano said.

Giordano will follow in the footsteps of Mr. Moore to improve math for the students and do what is best for them.