Mr. Mark McLaughlin, and the impact he made

Mark McLaughlin is retiring from Malvern Prep after 26 years, and the loss of his presence will affect Malvern greatly.

Matthew Gallo, Media and Culture Editor

McLaughlin oversaw the Duffy Arts Center, helping with theatre productions, concerts, art shows, and maintaining the building itself. He will be missed as a vital staff member, but moreover as a valued member of the Malvern Prep community.

Dr. James Fry, Director of the Malvern Theatre Society, said, “He [McLaughlin] was “phenomenal, [and] an individual that [he] considers [himself] lucky having had the opportunity to work with him, and to have him as part of [his] life.” 

McLaughlin helped Fry whenever he needed help with the Malvern Theatre Society, whether it was helping with the sets, lighting, or sound, he was always “willing to step in and help, and his easy-going personality made him that much easier to work with”, Fry said.

Fry explained how throughout his time at Malvern, McLaughlin was always able to improve or perfect what he was working on, 

“He’s very particular in a good way, wanting everything to be perfect and look its best. He’s got a great eye, and as he walks through he adjusts or fixes [things], helping to keep the building looking its absolute best and professional.”

McLaughlin was always involved in various types of arts, whether it be performing in a band on the keyboard or supporting his sons in their high school theatre productions. 

He has used this knowledge that he has acquired over the years to become “a renaissance man” as Mr. Rob Muntz likes to put it.

Muntz has worked with McLaughlin in stage crew, sculpture, the talent show, and many other activities in Duffy, and they have gotten to know each other well over the years.

“As somebody that worked in the maintenance department here and with me he was able to work with a lot of our students when we put on these productions, he is basically a secret teacher; I’ve never seen somebody so naturally be able to work with and help students,” Muntz said. 

“He’s just so humble, he does a lot of work behind the scenes that nobody knows about, and there is going to be a big gap to fill when he moves on,” Muntz said. 

Ms. Jackie White, 9th Grade Academy Leader and visual arts teacher, began her time at Malvern the same year McLaughlin joined the Malvern community. White also had praise for McLauglin, and admired and appreciated his work ethic.

“He is a very fun guy to work with. He’s also very meticulous about what and how things should be done,” White said. “Especially with sound and lighting, and keeping all the equipment together, his meticulousness is awesome.” 

McLaughlin was praised by every member of the Duffy arts team and Malvern staff. His amazing work ethic and character will be missed on campus.