New Teacher: Mr. Myles Huf

With the start of this academic school year, Malvern Prep has had several new additions to its teaching staff, one of them being a new member in the math department, Mr Huf.

Matthew Gallo, Media and Culture Editor

Even though Huf did not always want to be a teacher, it was the right path for him all along.

In highschool, Huf thought that he wanted to spend his life working in a business atmosphere, but he spent a lot of time as a teenager working in atmospheres that allowed him to teach.

“I ran a sailing program during the summers, and that was for kids and adults alike. After being an instructor it soon became apparent to me that I was decent at teaching, and I enjoyed it,” Huf said. “I kind of fell in love with that feeling of instructing a classroom type of atmosphere, and helping the kids.”

Even though he had a knack for teaching and enjoyed it, Huf decided to study business in college, which surprised others. 

“One day, one of the parents asked me where I wanted to study education, and I had to correct them to say I was studying business.” Huf said. “They had assumed that I was studying education which was surprising to  me, and it was probably one of the first times I seriously thought about education.”

Huf then went on to study business in college, and worked as a business relationship manager.

“I spent ten years as a business relationship manager for a company called Empower Retirement, the headquarters were in Colorado, and I worked in the Pennsylvania region, so I worked remote, but still had to do a lot of travel in the car,” Huf said. “I learned a lot, and especially dealing with a lot of mutual funds dealing with numbers, the math aspect was a natural fit for me, but I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life.”

Even though Huf was successful in the industry he realized he wasn’t happy with what he was doing.

“And ten years later, right after college, I wasn’t so happy. I had always wanted to be a teacher, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pay the bills for a lifestyle I wanted, but I realized that it’s not about that,” Huf said. “Life is about being happy, it’s about helping people.”

Huf then went on to teach for two years at a St. Agnes middle school before coming to Malvern Prep. He explains why he decided to make the move.

“Malvern has a reputation of being a fantastic education institution, and I wanted to be part of that beneficial process for the students.The types of teachers Malvern has was also a big driver for me wanting to come here, the teachers get to choose what type of educational style they want to use,” Huf said. “I also really liked the environment and professionalism here, the seriousness of the brotherhood and the community here that truly benefits the students going forward in their lives.”

Huf is excited to be a new member of the Malvern teaching staff, and he hopes to be one of the many positive influences a Malvern student has, be it in his geometry of calculus classes, or outside of the classroom.