New Teacher: Mrs. AnnMarie Winfield

With a degree in electronics engineering under her belt, Winfield is ready and excited for her new position as a math teacher and on the twelfth-grade team at Malvern.

Matt Hess, Editor-in-Chief

After growing up in upstate New York, Winfield pursued further education close to the rest of her family.

“I went to the University of Scranton to study electronics engineering. Then I went to work for an engineering firm for a short time,” she said.  

Soon, another full time job took precedent. With her husband Dave, Winfield had and raised four children. 

“Drew is my oldest. He went to Malvern for four years and is a computer engineer in D.C.,” she said. “My second son, Sam, went to Malvern for a year and is a graphic artist. My older daughter, Rachel, got her Bachelor’s at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She is now a Villanova law student. Finally, Bridget, my youngest, just started at Conestoga High School.” 

In 2013, Winfield entered the education system with a job at Conestoga High School as a math aid.

“I fell in love with teaching,” Winfield said. “I knew I could do more in the classroom. I went back to Immaculata [University] and got my teaching certificate.”

Before landing a position at Malvern, Winfield worked at a few schools around the area.

“I’ve been at S.T.E.M., Rustin, Conestoga, and then finally, luckily, came to Malvern,” she said.

Having been a parent to two Malvern students, Winfield knew it was the place for her. 

“I like the amount of time available to give each individual student. Last year I had 115 students at one time. You can’t hide at Malvern. I can really get to know students and learn their skills, strengths, weaknesses, and work on that,” Winfield said. 

Winfield looks forward to getting involved with some extracurricular activities at Malvern, such as the robotics club. Her talents are not limited to math. Winfield is also a gifted musician. 

“I sing and play the piano and oboe, and I would love to get involved with the music program,” she said. 

As Winfield begins her second month at Malvern, she is optimistic about the future. 

“All the faculty and staff are super helpful,” she said. “The students are great and kind. I’m glad to be here and hope it shows.”