Teacher of the Issue: Mr. Matthew McDonald ‘13

An alumnus of Malvern Prep, Mr. Matthew McDonald is now a science teacher and looks to improve upon all the opportunities that Malvern has to offer.


Joaquin Alban and Miles Conn

Returning to Malvern now as an educator, McDonald believes that his past experiences as a student gave him an advantage in his new role. 

“I might have been new as a teacher, but I wasn’t new as a Malvern student. I knew the vibe of Malvern, I knew the community, I knew the values, and I’m passionate about the values and what Malvern is attempting to do. So I think it’s interesting because now I’m seeing behind the curtain,” McDonald said. 

It is no surprise that McDonald’s passion for teaching and educating stems from an early age. McDonald knew that he wanted to be a teacher since his high school years here at Malvern. 

“I knew I wanted to be a teacher since either my sophomore or junior year in high school. I used to think I wanted to be involved with history. I don’t know why. I was a lot more passionate about science. I took Mr. McGuire’s East Asian History class, and he said to me after I gave a presentation, ‘It seems like you’d make a good educator,’” McDonald said. 

When discussing the differences between Malvern when he was a student and Mavern today, McDonald mentions the increased focus on diversity and all the additional clubs and activities the school has to offer. 

“We are putting a lot more effort into the diversity initiative and trying to increase Malvern’s diversity. Malvern has gotten more progressive I would say since I was a student here, but also a lot more user-friendly for guys. Even in terms of time, it’s crazy to me how much time and resources you have at your disposal compared to when I was a student here. You guys have even more time and resources to make the most of your every day and there are a lot more clubs offered now,” McDonald said. 

McDonald also moderates the Speech and Debate Club and helped create the First Take Club along with a group of Malvern students. Sports and debate is something that Mr. McDonald has always had a passion for and wants to help current students express that same interest. 

After asking about McDonald’s involvement in the First Take Club, he remarks that the club’s casual environment has attracted a large number of students.

“Sports debate, it’s just casual. It’s easy, and if you have that passion for it, it’s really just a lot easier to be persuasive and to craft your argument if it’s something you like talking about.”

Not only has McDonald created new clubs at Malvern, but he also brought new classes to the school introducing a Meteorology course with a completely originally designed curriculum.

“It’s equal parts thrilling and intimidating. You have nothing to base it off of. 

I like having nothing to compare it to because it helps you take ownership of it. But [it also] can be definitely intimidating because it is on you, like [I] built [it] from the ground up. So it’s great. My favorite thing to talk about is the weather,” said McDonald

McDonald continues to utilize his past Friar experiences to provide the best learning environment possible for Malvern students.