Malvern Basketball 2012-2013: The Journey Begins

Joe DiSipio

In the sports world momentum is everything. Junkies spend hours studying the percentages, the stats, and the trends to find the best way to predict a season’s outcome. This year high school basketball forecasters have a tough task in projecting the success of the Friar basketball squad.

After back-to-back Inter-Ac championships, it seems that Malvern should be front-running favorite to win the title. This is certainly not the case after losing a strong 2012 senior class that included four starters. A look around the league shows that there is no shortage of experience on other teams such as GA and Haverford. This season is going to be tough, but the outlook is not completely dim.  With the help of savvy vets such as Alex Dentinger, Jimmy Gordon, Sam Ramagano, and Andrew Bargmann, the young guys are going to have to fill important roles quickly and without much experience.

As the season opened last week, many were surprised to see uncharacteristic play in losses to Friends Central and the Phelps School. This team is only starting to grow into the successful team that it can truly be. Once both old and new contributors find their place on the team and we get back to the quintessential lock-down Malvern defense, the Friars can begin to surprise some people. Remember it is only December and we have a whole lot of basketball left. With baby steps, improvement will bring momentum and hopefully carry a little magic into January. The only thing we can do is get out to the games, cheer, and believe.