Philadelphia Eagles’ Season Preview

Kevin Cloetingh

Even with a series of mistakes, the Philadelphia Eagles managed to pull of their second win
of this young season. Neither game was pretty, but a win is a win. In fact,
they had a total of nine turnovers in the first two games, six of which
happened to be interceptions thrown by Michael Vick. Even with these errors, the
season looks like it will show a lot of promise.

Against the Cleveland Browns, the Eagles were a heavy favorite, but almost found a way to lose. However, they pulled off
the win 17-16 on the last drive during the last minutes. Against the Baltimore
Ravens, the Eagles played a much better game against a much better team. Even
with multiple injuries, the birds managed to pull off another win 24-23 in the
last minutes of the game.

I attended the game against the Ravens and
it had me on the edge of my seat almost the whole way through. That last drive
where Michael Vick ran in for the winning touchdown had my stomach full of
butterflies. Just from having a look these first couple of close victories, we may
be sitting on the edge of our seats a lot this fall.