Senior Tribute Heralds the Class of 2014


Matt Kropiewnicki

Ceremony celebrated graduates’ individual and class accomplishments

On Monday, May 19, the entire Malvern community gathered in the Duffy auditorium to pay tribute to a group of seniors who have impacted Malvern in so many ways.

The seniors processed onto the Duffy stage for the last time as they received medallions, blessed by Father Flynn.

After Jake Reber ’14 spoke the words of Saint Augustine, Fr. Flynn told the Gospel story of the mustard seed, and spoke about how the senior class had grown during their time at Malvern into a blossoming tree, like the mustard seed.

“God has called you to greatness, and great you have become,” said Fr. Flynn.

And indeed, this senior class has many accomplishments to boast about. Over half of the senior class received college scholarships of some kind. 53 seniors were part of the National Honors Society. Fifteen students were recognized by the College Board in the National Merit contest, and two were named finalists. Senior Hadid Thomas was formally recognized for his acceptance to the Naval Academy Prep School.  Conor Glancy and Stephen Dunn were acknowledged for their acceptance to the highly selective United States Military Academy at West Point.

On the athletic field, this year’s senior-led varsity squads captured 8 Inter-Ac championships. And this senior class was involved in a wide range of activities, from arts to academics to everything else Malvern offers.

Yet, as Fr. Flynn noted, “True greatness transcends those things.”

Many members of our senior class were involved in many service projects which were influenced by the service trips of their junior and senior years.  And, when polled, this year’s seniors said they were most proud of the bond among their class.

In celebration of that bond, Father Flynn presented Kevin Fitzpatrick ‘81 Award to senior Jake Anderson. This award is voted by the senior class in recognition of kindness, friendship, leadership, and loyalty.

Melchiorre & Mrs. McGettigan, Yearbook Dedication / R. Colameco
Melchiorre & Mrs. McGettigan, Yearbook Dedication / R. Colameco

Other traditions also defined this annual event.  The student council gavel passed from the current Student Council President, Johnny Monday ‘14, to the president-elect, Ryan Doane ‘15.  This year’s version of the Malvernian yearbook was dedicated to Mrs. McGettigan, Malvern’s school nurse, who commented on how she never regretted her choice to be a nurse over a history teacher.

“The main reason for choosing Mrs. McGettigan was that she is a more behind-the-scenes faculty member who really helps the students and brings a great attitude towards everyone she comes across,” said Nick Melchiorre ‘14, a member of the yearbook committee.

As everyone else looked back at the senior class’s accomplishments, Mr. Talbot closed the tribute by looking ahead to the graduates’ futures past college.

Mr. Talbot repeated the title of a recent article from the Wall Street Journal three times: “Elite Colleges Don’t Buy Happiness for Graduates.” [Read the full article here.]

He went on to ask the question, “What produces a happy person and better worker?” As he explained, the secret to these things is “working for a purpose greater than yourself.”

Talbot told the story of an Ivy League grad and an owner of a multimillion dollar company who was most happy and fulfilled because of his charity work and his answer to the Gospel call.

Knowing the accomplishments and varied talents of this senior class to whom we paid tribute, we as a community are confident that the graduating class will go out into the world and answer that Gospel call to serve God by serving others.