Great Gatsby promises great fun

Dan McGlinn

Catchy advertisements have spread the word about the new film The Great Gatsby. People are excited, especially those who have read the entertaining book by F. Scott Fitzgerald; however, I’m sure there aren’t many as excited as those in the junior class here at Malvern. The buildup has been growing and the time is almost here, but what exactly is all the fuss about?

It all started during the 2011-2012 school year. Back then there was a teacher here at Malvern named Miss Walsh. For those of you that never had the experience of meeting her or having her as a teacher, she is a special kind of person. Unfortunately for us (but deserving for her), after over fifty years in schools, she retired from teaching. In her last year (and I’m sure just about every other year she taught) the class read (or Sparknoted) The Great Gatsby. It was a favorite among those who read and (or skimmed) the story, and some exciting classes took place discussing the life of Gatsby.

Understandably, when the news came out in the spring of 2012 that a movie of Gatsby was to be released (starring none other than Leonardo Dicaprio himself [squeal!]), our English class got excited. The release date was scheduled for Christmas 2012, until Dicaprio decided to make us wait a little longer (not exactly, but the release date was moved to May 10, 2013).

This switch gave the juniors the perfect opportunity. We had always wanted to go as a group, but the Christmas release date had hampered some people’s plans of attending opening night, so we are now jumping on the opportunity to see the movie on opening night. After a little organizing on the part of Mike Vermeil to decide the place and attire, the plans are set. Since Malvern Prom is the night after the premiere, why not get a little wear out of the ridiculously expensive tuxedos we rented? So yes, for all those who plan on going, the tuxes will be out and we will be looking as spiffy as Gatsby himself. Miss Walsh, the driving force behind all our excitement (and without whom we’d have much less appreciation for the mid-1900s), will be joining the crew on opening night. “Ready”, as she said, “to see all of us in our tuxes — and the movie as well.”

Everything is finally set, calendars are being adjusted, and the Roaring 20s are ready to hit the big screen. We aren’t the only ones who are anxiously awaiting the release. Brooks Brothers released the Great Gatsby Menswear Collection, which I highly recommend for anyone that has a spare $800 because the striped burgundy blazer with a 1920s look is sure to be a hit. The music featured in the film is also getting lots of hype because of high-profile names such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Nero, and Fergie. This, combined with the advertising, has created a buzz in anticipation of a film with high expectations.

It will be quite a sight: nearly 50 high school-aged young men in classy tuxes walking into the theater at midnight. Hard to believe, but just as Gatsby ends “we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”