Student of the Issue: Andrew Hopkins ‘15


Tommy Pero

Andrew Hopkins

Andrew Hopkins is a senior who loves wildlife, birds, and nature. He talked with us about his unique interests and his future plans.

Tommy Pero: What’s your background?
Andrew Hopkins: I went to grade school in Nativity BVM, which is located in Media, PA, where I live. I went there from fourth grade to eighth grade, and then I came here [Malvern].

TP: What are you involved in here at Malvern?
AH: I am involved in the Envirothon Club, which is an outdoors club with Mr. Stewart and some friends of mine, and we do different stuff that has to do with wildlife and nature.

TP: Are there any events for that?
AH: In May, there’s a competition over in Hibernia Park over in Chester County and we participate in that. A bunch of schools participate and we compete against each other.

TP: How’d you get involved with that?
AH: Ah, you know. Because I’m really interested in the nature, the environment, and wildlife. And, back when Mr. DiEnna was part of it, I met with him when we were visiting the school, and he just kind of helped me realize my interest and I wanted to join. And I realized it’s what I really enjoy doing — being with my friends and nature.

TP: What are your other hobbies outside of school?
AH: I watch birds. I collect bird books. I like hiking and camping. I go hunting with my dad which is a lot of fun.

TP: How’d you get involved with all that?
AH: You know, forever I’ve been interested in nature and wildlife. It’s just kind of been a developing passion I’ve realized I like birds.

TP: What are your goals for your senior year?
AH: Probably to maintain my high grades, and to be able to get into the colleges of my choice, especially Cornell University.

TP: What are your goals outside of Malvern, and for the future?
AH: Probably to study the environmental sciences in college, and then find a career like environmental engineering or whatever– just continue the love of the wildlife and for nature.

Hopkins has over 500 books about birds. He looks to have a great senior year.