New Mass schedule proves ineffective

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Mike Droogan

The early set time for Mass with the new block schedule does not show an increase in student attendance as expected.

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“We are still trying to find the right time,” said Fr. Chris Drennen, Director of Augustinian Identity.

In previous years, daily Mass was administered at 7:30 AM. As a result, Mass was normally attended solely by teachers and a few student exceptions.

With the new free period during Community Time, Fr. Drennen expected Mass attendance to grow because students didn’t have to change their sleep schedules. That has not been the case.

Here at a Catholic school, our faith plays a big role in our everyday lives. This is not reflected in our attendance at Mass. As a result, daily Mass has returned to its regular time, while a communion service is held during Community Time. The low attendance still persists.

Many students say that that they would go to Communion but they prefer to use Community Time to get homework done, meet with teachers, or study for a test. Thus, it has been extremely difficult to get a double-digit attendance from students.

Fr. Drennen is perplexed by the low attendance from students. He is responsible for making the Mass schedule every week and sends an email out every Monday.

“Email is the only way to communicate the schedule with the students. If they don’t check their email, I can’t text them,” Fr. Drennen said.

Andrew Gosselin ‘15 suggested that one of the reasons students don’t go to Communion daily is that they simply forget. Other students suggested this same problem. Some proposed other possibilities for communicating the schedule to students, either making it a part of announcements or posting the schedule around campus.

Fr. Drennen welcomes any suggestions students may have to improve the times at which Communion is held.

“I understand that it is difficult to keep track with the different days. But we have an upcoming string of A schedules, so maybe students will start getting into the habit of going,” said Fr. Drennen.

During Monday Chapel on November 17th, five seniors did a skit to emphasize the Community Time Communion Service. The skit led to a reminder, “Remember, right after homeroom!”