Intramural basketball crowns “Z” champions


Joe DiSipio

The Dougherty Hall gymnasium lay still and silent as only the muffled Thump! Thump! of rubber against hardwood permeated the air. A championship, almost as important as the ones listed on the wall’s banners, lay in contention. Blue Redeem Team clung upon their last hope to rip glory from the hands of mighty Team Z.

May 6th proceeded as a normal Monday for many students, but for a special group of 7 seniors, it became a day to remember forever. After a hard-fought victory over the perennial power Blue Redeem Team, Team Z became Malvern’s first undefeated Intramural Champions. Winning in style, Team Z capped a dominant year with a ten point championship victory.

Jack St. Amour of the Intramural Executive Board commented on the season and Team Z.“Team Z was tremendous all season, and did not lose a game. Led by Sam Ramagano and Martin Guerra-Garcia, their team chemistry led them to the title.” The stats are there to back up Jack’s statement. All year Guerra-Garcia put up impressive performances and recorded the first known double-double in Intramural history. Senior-laden Team Z’s rise to glory couldn’t have happened without Ramagano or Guerra-Garcia’s performance, but credit also needs to be given to the work on the glass by Adam Pinos and Mike Rudy, the stellar defense of Julian Gassache and Bryce Jablonski, and the spark provided by Dave Van Sleet’s constant hustle.

Because of play like Team Z’s, Jack St. Amour stated, “The Intramural season was probably the best one we’ve had in awhile. Basketball is always the biggest hit and guys have a ton of fun with it. The playoffs were awesome, everyone enjoyed it.” Blue Redeem Team also had an unbelievable season in their own right. Coming off a devastating championship loss last spring, the squad led by Chris Bonner and Connor Bohs looked for redemption and a championship. Though victory wasn’t theirs, the primarily underclass team will look for a championship their third time around next spring.

Look out for next year’s upcoming Intramural activities starting in the fall. Rumor has it an Intramural Rugby league is in the works. To gain more information on the perks of being a member of the Intramural Executive Board, contact Mr. Ostick.