No backpack left behind

Andrew Wilbraham

Starting Monday, February 2nd, students will be required to take their bags into their classrooms in Duffy. This policy was enacted for the safety of the students, and to keep the Duffy Center tidy.

When backpacks are piled in the foyer and hallways of Duffy, it is a fire hazard and unattractive to look at. Also, there have been multiple reports of personal belongings being stolen right out of the backpacks of the students.

“A college prep school that allows students to leave their belongings anywhere is only preparing them for things to get stolen in college,” said graphic design and ceramics teacher Ms. Plows. The Duffy Center is almost like the second of home of Ms. Plows while she is either making bowls or designing posters for Malvern events.

“It is a good thing, that is real life; we don’t just let our stuff sit unattended,” added Ms. White.

Mr. Dougherty knows that this policy will be beneficial, adding “The policy is necessary primarily for safety reasons, to make sure that the students don’t misplace their possessions, and lastly, that we don’t have the cluttered foyer in the Duffy Center that we have created.”

Although this policy represents a change in the middle of the school year, hopefully Friars will realize it is for their own good and the safety of their belongings.