Senior Prank 2015: Tour de Malvern turned pool party turned grill out


Justice Bennett

Justice Bennett ’16, Ben Yankelitis ’16

On Thursday May 7, the last day of classes for the graduating class of 2015 seniors coordinated their senior prank: a triple phased prank of a “Tour de Malvern,” barbecue, and dive in the pool.

At noon, seniors on bikes, scooters, tricycles, wagons, even trash-can carts poured out of the senior lot and rode to Carney Hall, through and around Sullivan Hall, to the St. Augustine statue and back to the senior lot.

Drew Schantz is the unofficial winner of the Tour, arriving back to the senior lot before anyone else.

After they all finished, the students gathered around in the senior lot and ventured to O’Neill. “We were bombarded,” said Ms. Nikki Hinsdale, Aquatics Administrator. “Schiller called me [to tell me to lock up the pool], and I said it was a little too late.”

Each senior took a jump off the diving board, while the rest of the student body packed in the pool area. The stands and deck were crowded. Children’s swim lessons had just finished. “We planned that on the spot,” said Doug Corsi.

A grill out in the senior lot was the other aspect of the prank. Seniors used the money spent to play senior assassin on various meats. Sugary drinks and “hyper cookies” also made an appearance.

“They are called hyper cookies because they are even more sugary and fattening than supercookies,” said Matt Lanetti. “Alex Yablonski and I were up until 2:30 AM writing a paper and baking.”

“They’re delicious,” said Brendan Osborne. “[But] they are not comparable to supercookies.”

“Malvern is the best frat in the world,” said Mark Gentilotti. Seniors brought a variety of charcoal grills and games to play. Kan Jam, bean bag toss, football passes were all part of the grill out.

“It is a great way for us to go out,” Chris Butera. “No other way I would rather spend my last day than hanging out with my boys.”

As of 9:30 A.M., the dean of student’s office was aware of the possibility of a senior prank and on a “code blue,” according to Assistant Dean of Students Mr. Rick Poce.

Prior to today’s prank, Head of Upper School Mr. Ron Algeo said, “Bottom line is, I don’t have a big problem with it as long as it safe and everybody is careful and no one is getting hurt. It cannot involve destructing any property and it doesn’t involve disrupting the school day, getting kids to come out of class.”

“I don’t think it’s that big of a deal,” said Algeo.

“It’s a great day to be a Friar,” said Brian Rawlings. “Detention tomorrow is the greatest thing.”

“I love this event,” said Frank Satriale. “I think this should be a tradition.”