Mr. Prosalik hits Brazil


Mr. Prosalik / J. Faunce

Jimmy Faunce

Malvern says to goodbye to beloved science teacher, Mr. Prosalik.

Mr. Prosalik / J. Faunce
Mr. Prosalik / J. Faunce

In life, there comes a point where everyone needs to move on and take the next step. That point has come for one of Malvern’s newest faculty members, Mr. Michael Prosalik.

After two years of teaching science here at Malvern Prep, Mr. Prosalik will be moving to São Paulo, Brazil to teach at an American school in São Paulo with his wife, Kristen Prosalik.

The school, called Graded, is an English speaking school, but Prosalik hopes to broaden his horizons while in Brazil. He has been using Rosetta Stone to learn Portuguese for his time there. Mr. Prosalik and his wife plan to become fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. At this new school, he will be teaching Biology, Anatomy, Physiology and a Physical and Chemical Science course.

“I’ll really miss the community here.” said Prosalik,, “I have had a lot of great colleagues, and I’ve had a lot of very great students, that I’ve enjoyed.”

“It’s always the people, I find, that when you move somewhere, that’s the thing that you remember the most.” said Prosalik, “That’s what makes Malvern a great community: the people that are here.”

Mr. Kevin Quinn, Head of Malvern’s science department, is disappointed about Prosalik’s move. “We think he has been a great addition to the department,” said Quinn. “He has brought a lot to the school and we certainly will miss him.”

Quinn notes that Prosalik has a great opportunity ahead in Brazil. “On one hand I am a little jealous and excited for him, but you know it’s bittersweet like most things in life.”

It is obvious that Mr. Prosalik enjoyed his time here with us and us with him. He has been a great addition to the Malvern community and will be missed tremendously. Congratulations on this amazing opportunity and good luck Mr. Prosalik.