International Food Days highlight diverse tastes

Nick Wells

International Food Days are the brainchild of our student council president, Adams Daramy. Once a month, the cafeteria will serve a specific country’s cuisine to broaden our understanding of different cultures around the world. We already experienced a taste of Italy and Germany in September and October, respectively. But many questions still remain about this idea. How did this idea surface? What’s coming up in November? And, most importantly, when can I look forward to eating Chinese food inside Stewart Hall?

To find the answers to these questions, I went straight to the source. After a couple weeks of tracking Adams down (he is a very busy man), I finally managed to locate him on the top floor of Carney. After asking him some tough questions (he was starting to tear up), I was able to get him to crack and spill the beans on International Food Day.

“I come from Sierra Leone,” Adams started “and my journey from Sierra Leone to the United States took me to many countries. I enjoyed my time in these countries, and I thought that I should give some of my experiences and expose Malvern to different cultures. So I thought, ‘Why not come up with cuisines from different cultures and serve them at Malvern?’”

On the topic of the November food day, Adams said “The cafeteria is going to be busy with the whole Thanksgiving thing so we thought we’d let that be the theme. So the theme this month is American”.

To the all important question of “When can I eat Chinese?” Adams informed me, “Around Chinese New Year, which this year is in February. Get your General’s Tsao’s chicken, get your fried rice, but no delivery. Delivery is too expensive.”