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Australian students and their hosts visit the Big Apple


This past summer, some Malvern Prep students were fortunate enough to spend a month in Australia, and in this this past month, six hosted the Australian exchange students. These students came from St. Augustine’s College in Sydney. These students, James Mason, Jake Bourke, Dylan Bruce, Jake Samus, Scott Branson, and Pat Henderson spend four weeks here at Malvern.

Many students really enjoyed the their time with these exchange students. It was easy to hold a conversation with the Australians, and it was fun just to tell stories and talk about each others schools, sports, and culture.

This reporter had the opportunity to sit down with Dylan and Pat and talk to them about this new experience in America. I talked to them about their time on Malvern’s campus and how it differs from their school.

“Your school is amazing,” said Bruce. “Our buildings are not as big as yours and our school is not as spread out. Our campus is not even close to the same size as yours.” He described, “There are also a lot more kids in our school than in yours, which makes it feel smaller. Your guys’ classes are harder too. I listen to some of the stuff your learning and its so much different than what we do, a lot more difficult.

He also noticed differences in our school attire and spirit. “I also see kids wearing clothes that say Malvern on them outside of school which is not something we do in our school. You guys just seem really proud of your school.”

When I asked them what their favorite part of America and Malvern was, they both answered without hesitation, the food. Henderson noted, “The food in your school is great, so much better than what we have at our school. There is so much to choose from.” Their least favorite part was also the food. “There is so much food, it’s all great, but I probably gained a lot of weight just being here for a month. It’s so much more food than I’m used to eating. I could get really fat really fast.”

What can we say, we’re Americans, we like to eat.

Many students were also fascinated with the hair of Dylan Bruce and how he gets it to look the way it does. The mystery, unraveled: “I haven’t had a hair cut in six weeks and I just never comb it. I get out of my bed in the morning and I just keep it that way.” He might have brought a new style to Malvern.

If you have an interest in immersing yourself into another culture for a month by traveling to Spain, Panama, or Australia, or hosting an exchange student visiting Malvern in your home, then contact Mrs. Rosle for more information about the Global Student Exchange Program.

Australian students and their hosts visit the Big Apple
Australian students and their hosts visit the Big Apple