Why no one cares about the Eagles


It’s Sunday, the day that used to be a holiday for us Eagles fans.

In the past, I would sit there and use the game as an excuse to not do homework, to watch the game and almost have a heart attack, in part due to Andy Reid’s atrocious play calling, in other part due to the nachos and wings I’d eat.

I’d watch week after week as the Eagles would perennially underperform, whether it was Donovan McNabb throwing balls at the receiver’s feet or Michael Vick getting pass after pass knocked down.

Then around December they would win four to five games in a row and sneak into the playoffs, only to lose before they got to the Super Bowl. Every year it was the same story, but week after week we tuned in and still supported our Eagles.

After about 5-6 years of this, when this season rolled around, many thought it would be different. The Eagles jumped out to a 3-1 record, albeit in nail biting fashion, a win is still a win. They were on a roll, than all of a sudden, something happened.

I blame it on probably one of the worst decisions in Eagles history, the firing of Juan Castillo, whose defense had made great strides from last year. Castillo was a likeable guy and was adored by his players, so when he was unjustly fired, I believe many players threw in the towel.

The Eagles are now 4-10, and the players have given up. That is the main reason why no one cares about the Eagles, because the Eagles don’t even care about the Eagles. And I have better things to do on a Sunday, like putting off doing my homework until later that evening, than watching a bunch of players play football without any effort.

It’s sad, and I hope the Eagles clean house and give us a fresh start and something to look forward to next season. Maybe then I will tune in.