New scoreboard is game-changer for O’Neill


John McGlinn

Basketball Coach John Harmatuk said he hopes the new video scoreboard in the O’Neill Gymnasium will energize the fans and team.

With the addition of a video scoreboard, The O’Neill Gymnasium becomes one of the most advanced facilities in Southeast Pennsylvania.

The new video scoreboard will enhance many aspects of Malvern Basketball, said Mr. John Harmatuk, Head Basketball Coach and Assistant Athletic Director.

“With this we can now show rosters during the games and display prompts to get the fans excited, and more into the game,” Harmatuk said.

The players think this will add a new aspect to their personal game.

“Being able to watch replays in practice of our team working together, our team notices the mistakes that we are making and finds solutions to eliminate future problems,” sophomore Jack Leyden said.

Harmatuk is excited for the opportunities that the scoreboard may bring.

“The scoreboard will change many aspects of the game, especially recruitment,” he said. “When new recruits and students come in on a visit to see our campus, they will see how our basketball facility is one of the best in the area.”

Athletic Director Mr. Kurt Ruch said the new board is part of a campus-wide update.

“The scoreboard was paid for by the school, and is just one of our new Daktronic boards,” Ruch said. “All of the boards needed to be replaced on all the fields, except for the football scoreboard which was put in when the new turf was installed.”

The soccer and baseball fields are both undergoing a process to bring in new Daktronic LED scoreboards, and although they are not video boards like the one in the O’Neill Gymnasium, they are an upgrade from the previous scoreboards which are being replaced.

Harmatuk said the new basketball scoreboard is leased. “Many electronics like our new scoreboard are leased because of the constantly updated technology these days.”

Ruch said the only board not being replaced now is the swimming board. He hopes that the swimming board will be replaced once the swim season is over.