Squash team rebuilding


Sean Ward

After the victory in Division 5 and winning the Consolation Final in Division 4 at the National Squash Championships, squash looks to rebuild.

Losing seven key seniors from last year, the young Squash team had its first match of year on December 1st against Conestoga, losing 9-0.

The Malvern squash team is known for its success, winning both Division 5 and the Consolation Bracket in Division 4, but after losing its core group of seniors from last year it is unlikely the team will repeat its success.

Despite the huge loss, Head Coach Mr. Imran Khan said he remains optimistic for the team’s future.

“My goal is to see what we can achieve in four or five years,” Khan said. He plans to reach these future goals by “getting players smarter and fitter.”

For the first time, the squash team worked out in the summer during a two week offseason program.

“I started the camp this summer to get players more court experience and get them thinking more heads up,” Khan said.

Coach Khan, with the help of captain Kevin Roussey, has also taken the initiative to recruit more students and introduce them to the sport of squash. In fact, Coach Khan’s number one goal for the season is to introduce new kids to the team.

“Squash is the best thing I’ve ever done,” Roussey said. “Anyone can come – there are no cuts.”

The squash program has three teams and plays against several high schools in the area including Episcopal Academy and The Haverford School. On days the team doesn’t have matches, the team either practices in the morning or afternoon.

Although the outlook of the team this season is not positive, the future definitely looks bright.

“Eighth grader Patrick Murphy currently has a concussion but when he gets back will most likely play on varsity,” Roussey said.

Junior Tommy White, a third-year varsity player, will also look to make an impact as a top player on the team.

Khan noted the team’s continued improvement.

“The process of getting the team back to where it is in position to win championships starts today,” Khan said.