Talbot on the Ladder

Matt Jones

Tragedy struck the city of Prescott, Arizona earlier this year, on June 30, when 19 members of their fire department, 20% of the city’s total, perished in a wildfire. Montgomery County fire departments hope to collect money to aid the families of the deceased. Through the outreach of Rev. Dr. Oechsle, Malvern has the opportunity to assist in aiding these families.

Many of these families have been denied the ability to collect survivor’s benefits because their deceased family member was a part-time firefighter. This leaves 13 of the 19 families unable to collect these benefits. The 95 fire companies within Montgomery county have set a goal to raise $95,000 in order to give each of the families $5,000 to assist them with their needs.

Rev. Dr. Oechsle, a Malvern mathematics teacher and Norriton Fire Company member, has reached out to Mr. Talbot and the Malvern community, asking that Malvern students take part in the donations to contribute towards this effort.  Dr. Oechsle has reported that so far the donation process has been very successful due to the generosity of Wawa and Wal-Mart consumers.

In the hope that donations will be extraordinarily successful Mr. Talbot has agreed to take part in an incentive for students. A Norriton Fire Company rig will be brought on campus on September 16th. The Head of School has agreed to climb one step of the aerial’s ladder for every $10 contributed to the cause. The largest of the company’s aerial ladders spans a lengthy 110ft., which means a donation of $1010 or more will result in Mr. Talbot reaching the top.

When asked if he was sure about this incentive through email, Mr. Talbot responded with “I gotta walk the talk. I’m in.”

Two collection buckets are located on campus. One in the Duffy Center and the other located within Stewart Hall. All donations can be made through these buckets or directly to Dr. Oechsle, who can be found usually on the 3rd floor of Tolentine Hall.

Giving a little will go a long way. It will also make Mr. Talbot climb a long way.